Thursday, May 17, 2018

Introducing Snow Fox: A Plant Based Skincare Line with Potency

I love a natural, organic plant based brand similar to how I love my plant based diet! Snow Fox Skin Care is a beauty brand that is created from 100% natural ingredients.

Founded by a patient with rosacea, the brand is challenging conventional skincare by focusing on fortifying the skin's natural defenses against a variety of skin issues.

Get ready to pamper yourself with a treatment fit for a queen with the NEW Snow Fox Skincare Collection! This 3-step regimen, which includes the Day & Night Multi Defense Cream, Soothing Facial Cleansing Mousse, and Artic Breeze Detox Cooling Mask, will leave skin looking and feeling flawless. 

The Snow Fox collection is formulated with rare plant ingredients such as Cherry Blossom Extract and Gotu Kola. Each product is strictly pure, and does not contain any artificial colors, dyes, or fragrances, making it the perfect choice for those with sensitive skin to indulge in the lap of luxury!

Snow Fox All in One Detox Mask, $30

· A powerful mask that moisturizes, brightens and evens out skin tone while tightening pores
· Essential oils work to extract impurities from deep within the skin
· Key ingredients including Peppermint Oil Extract, Aloe Vera Leaf and 100% Organic Cotton Sheet

Snow Fox Soothing Facial Cleansing Mousse, $35

· A powerful and gentle formula that removes dirt, oils, and impurities from your face without stripping your skin of moisture
· This non-irritant refreshing formula is made from organic peppermint oil extract that provides natural, cooling antimicrobial protection
· Key ingredients include Citric Acid, Peppermint Oil and Aloe Vera Leaf

Snow Fox Day & Night Defense Multi Cream, $55

· Locks in moisture, repairs and protects the skin from environmental stressors
· This multipurpose product can be used as a primer, a day cream, a night cream and even a mattifying foundation or BB cream blender
· The cream is formulated with antioxidant Ginseng Extract and also works against fine lines, wrinkles and evens out hyperpigmentation
· Key ingredients include Olive Fruit Oil, Ginseng Extract, Jojoba Oil and Macadamia Oil

The Snow Fox collection is available for purchase at

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  1. I love skincare and wish it wasn't so experimental, great review love.