Friday, June 23, 2017

Divaderme Cosmetics: Natural Lash Extenders that WORK!

Results are everything to me and this brand WORKS! Look below and you will agree. I used the Divaderme Lash ll Extender, $29.99 and the Divaderme Fiber ll Wings Mascara, $49.99 in a 3 step process that truly works! I did 2 out of 3 steps and still got these amazing results! 

Unlike traditional cosmetic formulas, Divaderme products feature plant based extracts to help nourish and thicken lashes for a luxurious experience with long term results. There are natural lash fibers in the Divaderme Lash ll Extender with enhancing treatment formulated with natural moisturizers. They instantly lengthen and volumize lashes. There is natural argan oil in two of the products in the 3 step process that help nourish your lashes. These products are safe for contact lens wearers, too! 

Just look at my eyes and you will see these products are simply wonderful!

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