Tuesday, September 29, 2015

New from KRIGLER: Emeraude Noire 77

With its spicy, intoxicating fragrance, Emeraude Noire 77 captures the dark beauty of a cherished family jewel... 

Purchased by Albert Krigler as an anniversary gift for his wife, the legendary Emeraude Noire was a sparkling emerald with a cut that revealed pure black reflections. The gem was handed down from generation to generation until the 1970s, when it was lost forever. 

Inspired by the lost stone, Liliane Krigler created a fragrance that would pay tribute to its memory. Now, the House of Krigler is reviving the classic fragrance with a new, upgraded take. The scent blends top notes of Malaysian Nutmeg, Indian pepper, and Italian Bergamot with a heart of Patchouli from The Philippines and an Amber mix. Its base combines rich Labdanum Cistus from Spain with Tahitian Vanilla for the perfect finishing touch. (Parfum: 3.4fl.oz. : $395, 1.7fl.oz.: $295).

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