Friday, September 25, 2015

New from Caudalie: Resveratrol LIFT Collection

The newly launched Caudalie Resveratrol LIFT Collection sounds wonderfully effective! Only time will tell if my skin responds to the products, yet they appear to be very promising...

Caudalie, in collaboration with Dr. David Sinclair of Harvard University, is honored to release a new collection of products powered by a patented molecule proven to reverse visible signs of aging.

The products’ efficacy lies in the synergy between stabilized vine resveratrol and micro-hyaluronic acid. Caudalie & Sinclair discovered that, when combined, an overproduction in cells of natural hyaluronic acid result, which drastically increases skin hydration and preserves its biochemical properties. The multiplied gene responsible for producing hyaluronic acid in the cell is called Has2.

The new combination also increases the activity of genes that produce collagen and elastin, increases cellular energy, and has an anti-glycation effect.

Of the tens of thousands of genes examined in this study, they demonstrated that only one gene, Has2, responsible for the production of hyaluronic acid in cells, was stimulated by
this complex. “I was very enthusiastic when I saw these two ingredients working together,” affirms Doctor David Sinclair.

The Has2 gene increased hyaluronic acid production to a
much higher level than I had expected when analyzing the two ingredients separately. Their synergy has a clear effect on the molecular mechanisms we were targeting.”

In addition to stimulating hyaluronic acid production, the new complex increases the activity of the genes responsible for collagen and elastin production, stimulates cellular energy, and exerts anti-glycation action. Doctor David Sinclair explains : “One of the main challenges faced by products containing hyaluronic acid is the size of the molecule, which has a fairly low level of absorption. Stimulating the Has2 gene is a fairly significant approach, because it drives cells to make their own molecules from within.”

The technology is protected by a patent application filed jointly between Caudalie and Harvard University’s Office of Technology Development (OTD). Harvard OTD granted Caudalie an exclusive right to practice the patent in the fields of cosmetics, nutritional supplements, and cosmetic injections.

Collection includes:

· Firming Serum ($82)

· Eye Firming Balm ($62)

· Face Lifting Moisturizer SPF 20 ($66)

· Night Infusion Cream ($76)

Available at, Sephora/ and Caudalie boutiques.

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