Thursday, August 20, 2015

ReGenesis Hair Enhancing System

It’s time to rejuvenate your hair, starting at the top (literally)! This system concentrates on treating the scalp for a healthy beautiful mane. With the ReGenesis Hair Enhancing System, it’s never been easier to get your scalp back into shape.

The ReGenesis Thickening Shampoo ($34) and Conditioner ($36) feature unique scalp therapy formulas with specialized ingredients to optimize scalp health and fortify hair as well as cleanse and condition hair.

The Detox Hair and Scalp Masque ($42) is a weekly scalp treatment designed to detoxify hair and nourish the scalp. Unlike other hair masques, the formulation is applied directly to the scalp and acts as an exfoliant to lift impurities, moisturize the scalp, and protect against breakage.

Spot Serum ($40) is perfect for on the go defense. With a specialized applicator and formula designed to target specific low density concerns the Spot Serum protects against breakage, brittleness, and damage.

By targeting the scalp and fortifying the hair cuticle, hair is transformed to feel fuller, look thicker, and perform better as if reborn to a more luxurious, youthful, healthier head of hair.

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