Saturday, August 29, 2015

Clarity MD Two Step System to Clear Skin

I have many beauty routines for sure, yet proper skincare is the most important daily ritual to me. Without healthy skin, I find beauty products to be a "band-aid" of sorts. Yes, there are plenty of magnificent products to remedy all sorts of beauty challenges, yet great skin is always IN!

Here is a way to help achieve a clear, glowing complexion! With ClarityMD’s easy two-step system, put your best face forward as you gear up for the new season. 

Simply cleanse skin morning and evening, followed by the Clarifying Serum, packed with power to beat breakouts and get great skin without the drama!

Packing the potent acne-eliminating forces of Salicylic Acid within proprietary nature-powered “Skin Clarity Cocktail”, ClarityMD clears up to 91% of acne in as little as 14 days.

Available for $ 49.95 at

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