Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Young & Ng Launches!

One of the hardest parts about buying any clothes online is not being able to try them on. With most clothes and brands we have a pretty good idea of whether or not they run big or small, but lingerie isn’t that easy. Everyone’s been there. You buy a new bra and it just slides off, or doesn’t fit the way it’s supposed to. It’s frustrating. Young & Ng was designed with that in mind, and prides itself on being true to size. We know that it’s hard enough creating your day to day style without having to worry about your bra not fitting or sliding off in the middle of the day.

Their Dinha Marie Bra $55 (top picture) and Josephine Therese Bra $45 (bottom picture) are both cut to flatter and support. Made with versatility in mind, their accurate sizing and adjustability make them a must have for any diverse spring/summer wardrobe.  Their form is matched only by their function, perfect under a under anything from a blouse to a t-shirt and everything in-between. 

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