Sunday, May 24, 2015

0.2: New Fragrance from Holly Riddel

Science has revealed that the sensation of excitement can occur in one fifth of a second. In just 0.2 seconds, our bodies release an intoxicating cocktail of endorphins and hormones to trigger  the one and only, be all end all: love at first sight!

0.2 is a unisex fragrance that was developed by motivational entrepreneur Holly Ridell and was created to inspire anyone, anywhere to meet their destiny.

Offered in three sizes, 100ml ($120), 50ml ($80) and 7.5ml ($40) the fragrance's packaging represents the all encompassing rush of love. 

Created to spark a global movement of love and acceptance, 0.2 inspires one to look at the world with wonder and possibility.

0.2 Fragrances are available at Ron Robinson Fred Segal Melrose and

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