Monday, November 24, 2014

Yes, I did.: My Very First Injectable with Dr. Karlinsky!

Yes, I finally did it. I had seen so many fabulous results from friends and family that when offered to erase my "11" lines as well as my crows feet for up to 5 months, I said YES.

Dr. Karlinsky was an absolutely level headed and well educated surgeon. During our consultation we spoke of how I could look and Dr. Karlinsky truly feels that injectables are meant for you to look both refreshed and rejuvenated. You are not supposed to look "frozen" nor look 20 years younger- I was told I would simply look refreshed. I liked Dr. Karlinsky's bedside manner and her office was bustling yet never uncomfortable. 

We decided on a few injections of Dysport in my frown lines as well as my crows feet and within ten minutes, I was done. Painless and quick, gotta love that?! I will go back in 10 days as the injectables work within a few days- not immediately. Dr. Karlinsky can perform many other procedures as you can see from her site. Once you get started with injectables, I can see how they can become addicting as you start seeing a slight reversal of time while looking in the mirror. I think not being able to frown may also allow me to feel less stressed? Not sure but it makes sense that if you cannot make the gestures, you may feel less stressed? Dr. Karlinsky also explained that you eventually need less fillers as your muscles don't move the same as the did before. 

I am so intrigued by the slight difference and cannot wait to share my before and after pictures within a week or so showing the process moving further along. Looking perfectly symmetrical is not attainable nor what the Doctor or I wanted- yet looking refreshed and better was! I will update you all soon. For now, here is Dr.Karlinsky and myself in her Midtown Manhattan office. For further details and to see the multitude of procedures offered, please visit  New Look New Life

The above picture shows me RIGHT after my injections. I thought I look more relaxed immediately yet was assured it takes a while for the Dysport to work within the muscles.

Three days later.... Before & After. After was taken today. Subtle differences can mean so much!

 Some slight bruising in the eye area which was to be expected. No more "11" creases for certain...

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