Monday, November 17, 2014

Julep: Holiday 2014 Gift Guide

First let me say that a Christmas tree filled with nail polish ornaments is fine by me! So is a 3D cake designed to look like Julep's new Sweep Photogenic Palette. With that being said, Juleps #rockherwishlist got me in the spirit of gift giving upon entering the room... 

Some of my favorite items were the Stargazer gel eye gliders $40 ($85 value) as the five colors are not only long lasting but also offer great color options. 

Nailed It! $48 ( $84 value) include mini versions
 of the 12 best selling colors! 

Other fun duos and trios included Reindeer Games 
$20 ($28 value) and Just For Yule $30 ($42 value).

Other great choices are available at and I especially liked the idea of a glitter nail polish removal kit called Party's Over! 

Other pics from the event below!

Yes, that is a cake with full color process cookies! 

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