Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Coola Suncare: Addresses New SPF Legislation

I truly hope you all know how much I care about you and your well being. With that being said, even with colder weather, we should still continue to wear SPF. New changes to sunscreen legislation have us resorting back to our SPF awareness which is crucial to our health. Just recently, the senate passed a bill that requires the FDA to respond to pending sunscreen ingredients within a shorter period of time (8 different ingredients have been in their backlog, some for over a decade). With skin cancer being the most commonly diagnosed cancer in the US, it’s more important than ever that we are conscious of the most up-to-date ways to protect their skin from the sun’s harmful rays.

COOLA Suncare never wants you to question your sun protection. Each of their SPF products incorporates natural plant phyto-protectors that have innate sun protection qualities –nature’s way of protecting itself from the sun!

Formulated with ingredients like plankton, red algae, and red raspberry seed oil, COOLA’s reformulated Classic line of sunscreens also incorporates a patented plant-derived ingredient that is both certified organic and eco-certified and enables the brand to cut their active levels by 80%! That’s just another way that COOLA is leading the charge to create the healthiest sunscreens on the market.

COOLA Suncare is available at ULTA Beauty, and, as well as the finest Resorts, Spas and Specialty Boutiques.

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