Friday, August 11, 2017

Strivectin Stress Defense Hydrating Water Gel

StriVectin Stress Defense Hydrating Water Gel

At 48, I truly concentrate on taking better care of my skin then when I did back in my twenties. Without healthy skin, no amount of makeup can mask the challenges that your skin has gone through. Taking great care of your skin should be your number one priority.

This multi-tasking gel moisturizer is designed to visibly repair, recharge and fortify tired, over-stressed skin against the causes of present day aging—from fast-paced lifestyles, technology overload, and lack of sleep, to high levels of daily stress and new waves of pollution. Formulated with a custom scent that soothes, inspires an inner relaxed state and helps melt away stress, the water gel delivers a cooling burst of hydration to wake up and revive the complexion on contact. The unique, transformative texture reinstates skin’s prime condition by delivering hyaluronic and amino acids and a 4-Pronged Antioxidant Defense, a compressed “super shot” of nutrients and antioxidants, to help not only prevent damage by boosting the skin’s immunity defenses but also neutralize free radical, stress and oxidative damage. In combination with patented, proven NIA-114™ technology which strengthens the delicate moisture barrier, this potent formula amplifies the key ingredients for maximum performance while fortifying the skin and defending against future visible damage.

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