Friday, August 11, 2017

BioREWIND Total Restorative Eye Cream

The area under the eyes are so very delicate. Mine are somewhat sunken in even with getting filler twice a year. We all know that constant movement and thinner skin makes the eye area more prone to fine lines and aging – but there are more factors at play. Environmental damage and free radicals are one of the biggest threats to keeping creases at bay. The key to a hydrated, and bright under eye area is protection. Antioxidants offer a natural barrier against free radicals and threats from the environment.

BioREWIND Total Restorative Eye Cream ($95, is a new eye cream filled with 12 antioxidants that work together to provide you with full coverage against free radicals. The cream works to reduce puffiness, and brighten dark circles, while creating a defense umbrella for optimal skin protection. The ultimate goal?
 Reduced lines, less darkness, and optimal protection.

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