Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Scented Candles from Krigler and Juara

Being a huge fan of both Krigler and Juara, I am happy to share a few of their wonderful scented candles with you. I always love lighting candles and smelling the soft scents throughout my home. Fragrance has the power to transport, elevate and calm.

Krigler American One 31, a vivacious mix of mandarin, neroli and vetiver, was John F. Kennedy’s favorite scent. Infuse your home with a sumptuous scent that conjures up the gentlemanly politicians of eras past and the American ideals of liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Krigler American One 31 candle $105.00


For the less political, the Krigler Lovely Patchouli 55, a favorite of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, offers an escape from election anxiety. The provocative notes of bergamot, amber, leather, and of course, patchouli transport the election-weary to Monte Carlo, Rio de Janeiro, and Hollywood. Escape right inside your living room.

Krigler Lovely Patchouli 55 candle $105.00


For the mindful, the Juara Hope soy-and-vegetable wax candle sets the mood for meditation. Surrounded by a fragrant, warm blend of coconut, lush greens, freesia, jasmine, and bergamot, you’ll find it easier to serenely wait out election night results.

Juara Hope Soy Candle $35.00


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