Tuesday, November 15, 2016

New from Flirt Cosmetics: ChicSticks Lip Duo Kit

FLiRT Cosmetics newest launch drops today and you won’t want to miss it. Introducing the ChickSticks Lip Duo Kit – two lip shades that are vibrant and bold as Flirt Cosmetic’s Guest Flirt, Amber Rose herself.

The colors, named after Amber’s pugs, Paulyis (the show shopping, wearable hot-pink shade) and Franky (the velvety deep plum lippie), are the perfect pair to keep in your pocket for whatever mood you’re in, or whatever look you’re looking to rock. Even better, they have a smooth application and a velvety finish for flirty, kissable lips.

Available for $32.00 at FlirtCosmetics.com today!

Love the packaging, too! 
Donald Robertson, you did an amazing job!

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