Friday, April 29, 2016

Get Some of the Hottest Looks at DreamDry

I remember when DreamDry first opened and I had the pleasure of meeting one of their wonderful owners. One of my favorite stylists from a former salon I frequented is still there and I adore her! 

From dancing in the crowd to singing on stage to your favorite it-girl selfies, braids and waves were the biggest hair trends seen at Coachella! Get inspired with these bohemian chic locks with a similar style from DreamDry, New York and Chicago’s destination for trendsetting hairstyles. Below are DreamDry’s Senior Stylist, Jenn Bradford, tips on easily recreating these looks at home!

Inspiration: Paris Hilton

DreamDry style: Juliette is relaxed and dreamy side-swept glamour with a braid. You can create this look by splitting hair down your middle part and taking a section of hair at the crown on each side. Create a braid with each section, securing it with a hair tie, and wrap it around each side of your head securing with bobby pins. With a curling iron of your choice, curl the bottom portion of your hair. Once complete, gently brush out the curls with your hands for a loose wave look that’s casual yet stylish. 

Inspiration: Ellie Goulding

DreamDry style: Bridgette is the classic blow out with a touch of waves. Get this perfect, behead look using The Dream Dryer, available in The Little Black Box for $295 on This ultra lightweight professional styling tool brings the latest state-of-the art salon technology directly to your home. Start by parting your hair into sections, and slowly blow-dry each portion with a round brush, turning away from your face as you brush through your hair. Repeat this step for each section until complete. Gently run your fingers through your hair and lightly hairspray all over so your locks stay in place for a look that’s sexy and undone with major volume.

Inspiration: Taylor Hill

DreamDry style: Bianca is the ultimate crown braid, that stays in place taking you from day to night . Easily achieve this look by separating your hair into two parts. Create a braid on each side and secure them in place with hair ties. Wrap one braid around the front of your crown securing in place with bobby pins. Then, wrap the second braids in the opposite direction securing with bobby pins as well. Finish your look by gently separating pieces of the braid for a relaxed, bohemian chic vibe.

*Note: The celebrities mentioned above are not clients of DreamDry, but I wanted to show you how you can get the look!

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