Friday, March 4, 2016

New from Vilhelm Parfumerie: The Oud Affair

Introducing the newest addition to the Vilhelm Parfumerie collection: THE OUD AFFAIR, an intoxicating scent inspired by the tempestuous affair between the actress Ava Gardner and the famed bullfighter Luis Miguel Dominguin. Dominiguin once said of his lover, “She was the prettiest and the most fierce. I had a fierce wolf in a cage.” THE OUD AFFAIR encompasses the push and pull of this passionate love affair, simmering with both tender sweetness and intense mystery. 

Featuring top notes of Wild Honey and Ginger Butter, a middle note of Tobacco Leaves and base notes of Agar Wood and Black Vanilla Bean, THE OUD AFFAIR is the result of a year-long journey for Vilhelm Parfumerie founder Jan Ahlgren. “Oud fragrances are glorious, but they can be difficult and troublesome to work with,” says Ahlgren. “Agar Wood, the ‘oud’ element of this fragrance, has an animalistic side to it, which makes it fascinating, but one misstep and its harshness is overexposed.” 

To balance the intensity of the Agar Wood, Ahlgren incorporated luscious Wild Honey. The end result is is as unforgettable as it is familiar; an affair to remember indeed.

MSRP: $245 for 100 ml.
On Counter: Now
Availability: Exclusive to Barneys Downtown,

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