Friday, March 18, 2016

BrushPearl: Digital Ultrasonic Makeup Brush Cleaner

While spring cleaning is cathartic experience, we’re still always seeking shortcuts to ease the massive seasonal spruce-up, especially when it comes to the dreaded chore of cleaning one’s makeup brushes.

Enter BrushPearl™, the world’s first digital ultrasonic makeup and cosmetic brush cleaner that offers a quick, automatic and user-friendly solution for a speedy spring cleaning!

Through the use of patent-pending ultrasonic brush-cleaning technology, BrushPearl™ delivers sound waves through its cleansing tank to gently and effectively vibrate dirt and grime off of brushes without causing damaging friction to the bristles. BrushPearl™ can also clean nontraditional tools such as sponges, kabuki brushes and skin-cleansing device brush heads. The first and only of its kind, BrushPearl™ is the ultimate brush purifying tool that will leave makeup and cosmetic brushes properly clean through three simple cycles: Cleaning Cycle, Rinse Cycle and Drying Cycle. The device’s kickstand in the Drying Cycle will also provide the most optimal and space-saving position for drying one’s brushes and prolong the life of its bristles.

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