Friday, October 30, 2015

Kate Bosworth Attends “The Art of More” Movie Premiere Hair by Bridget Brager for Kérastase Paris

Picture Credit: @BridgetBragerHair

Inspiration: “This look was a nod to the 60's with a modern twist. Kate wore this amazing patchwork mini dress, so we wanted to create a textured, yet mod look to compliment the dress.”

STEP 1: To start, Bridget prepped Kate’s hair using Matérialiste Thickening Spray Gel to give the hair a clean, voluminous texture.

STEP 2: Once Kate’s hair was dry, Bridget set the hair using a jumbo curling iron for extra body.

STEP 3: Next, holding the bottle 12 inches away from hair, Bridget misted the Spray-a-Porter all over and used a cool blow dryer to set the hair. This helped to add texture without a lot of weight.

STEP 4: After gently combing through the hair to break up the product, Bridget created a deep side part and brushed the hair over to one side. She allowed the hair to fall in front of Kate’s face and swooped her hair over to cover the forehead, corner of her eye, side of cheek and ear. The helped to bring the 60’s-inspired look to life.

STEP 5: On the right side Bridget brushed the hair straight back and joined both side of the hair at the nape. Next, she twisted the hair in to an S-Shape securing the look with hair pins.

STEP 6: To finish the look, Laque Dentelle Hairspray was sprayed all over, locking in the style.

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