Thursday, October 22, 2015

Elemis Skin Brush: Transform Your Body's Skin

Oh yeah! I have got the secret behind Jessica Alba & Cindy Crawford’s gorgeous skin and it’s partially due to the Elemis Skin Brush (, $48). Both celebs love this miracle tool that can transform the total health of your body!

Cindy is a fan of dry brushing for its invigorating properties, while Jessica says she dry brushes everything, and is the perfect way to up her body before a super early morning.  

ELEMIS Co-Founder Noella Gabriel says the Skin Brush is a must add to your routine and using a body brush daily stimulates the circulation and lymphatic drainage to aid detoxification and can help us eliminate up to 1lb of toxins a day.”

This do-it-all brush also improves skin tone and body firmness, increases metabolism and enhances the results of body products used after.

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