Friday, October 10, 2014

Delphine Manivet- NYBFW Fall/Winter 2015

Delphine was inspired by the wind. She imagined how her natural fabrics would move as the wind passed through them. I saw in her collection a line for brides that was fluid, modern yet has an ode to the 20's- 50's genres as her hats by Maison Michel,shoes by Repetto and low boots by Huapolandia had a vintage vibe to them. The fashion I witnessed was TIMELESS.

This collection was called Pagan Bride as Delphine was using it's meaning in it's oldest term: the respect for what is alive, beyond the being. 

Lead Make Up Artist for MAC Cosmetics Gina Bettelli created an ethereal overall look with Zachary Rej Morad from Warren-Tricomi on hair creating a Pagan Bride with just a few side edgy looking braids. The overall look was on trend and modern, yet still had a vintage vibe to it.

A very special thanks to the talented Gali Silvester for allowing me to see how MOTU production and casting works behind the scenes....

Stylist Gali Silvester




The lovely designer Delphine Manivet.

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  1. I love this collection the clothes are beautiful, elegant and the fabric seems so whimsical. Thanks