Tuesday, October 6, 2015

MassageNow App!

If you’re not familiar with MassageNow, it’s an app made for people just like us— busy NY’ers who would love (and desperately need!) a massage, but have no time or resources to relax. A Hotel Tonight for massages, if you will. The app was developed by local services startup, Locality, and allows customers to quickly book a massage at a four-star spa with just a few hours’ notice, and more importantly, at a DEEP DISCOUNT! 

Using its new proprietary system, MassageNow aggregates same-day appointments across its network of partner spas. Similar to their Massage model, new Facial and Waxing additions are more than HALF the price off of a regularly priced service at MassageNow’s spa partners. Users can still utilize the same amenities at each spa locale, while indulging in the deep MassageNow discount.

B.I.O.A. readers can use code BEAUTY20 for a $20 discount for new users only!

ABOUT MassageNow: (www.massagenow.co)

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