Wednesday, August 19, 2015

New from Lauren B Beauty: Fall Colors to Drool Over

You know I wear 33 karats as much as possible, right?! I put it on my sunglasses and everyone loves them! It looks similar to abalone on the black frames and people always ask me where I bought them. I get complimented daily and now, you will know why...

From the brand that brings you the best in nail color and care, Lauren B Beauty Nail Couture introduces 8 NEW Fall Colors! Inspired by Los Angeles, each shade offers a compelling departure from the standard.

For fall, her discerning eye landed on a range of influences, which she’s recast in sexy jewel tones and rich earthy shades.

A sunset viewed from the Griffith Park observatory reappears as a pink-rose-khaki polish. An iridescent, shell-white tone nods to Shutters on the Beach, Lauren’s favorite local hotel and spa. A deep iris purple plays off the energy of gardens in Hancock Park. And a shimmery violet pink repeats the shade of a treasure scored at the Rose Bowl Flea Market.

Picture courtesy of Lauren B Beauty's 
IG feed (@laurenbbeauty).

Bonus: Each polish is supremely eco-centric, fast-drying, and as glossy and long-wearing as a salon gel manicure!

Price: $ 18.00 each
Where to buy:
Available: August 21, 2015

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