Monday, August 17, 2015

Get The Look: Victoria Justice, Teen Choice Awards 2015

Yes, my 12 year old daughter and I watched the Teen Choice Awards last night and enjoyed seeing all of the great presenters and performers. We have been a long time fan of Victoria Justice in this household and am delighted to show you how to get her look....

Get the Look: Victoria Justice, presenter at The Teen Choice Awards

Created by: Scunci Hair Stylist, Laura Polko (@polkohontas)

The Look: How you wish your hair would naturally air dry, with red carpet definition

Victoria was wearing an emerald-colored Herve Leger dress so Laura wanted to perfectly pair her hair to complement her look, creating an effortless, yet sculptured style.

- Step 1: Starting with clean, damp, 80% dried hair - Laura sprayed in Sun Bum Beach Formula Sea Spray to enhance and create natural texture

- Step 2: Laura then blow-dried hair until almost 100% using her fingers and not a brush. Polko recommends this method over a brush to keep the natural texture of the hair, versus destructing them with a brush or comb.

- Step 3: Polko then worked with Victoria's natural off-center part before officially styling

- Step 4: Next, Polko used a flat iron to put a natural "bend" in Victoria's hair, working with each existing wave and curl to smooth, define and enhance

- Step 5: Finally, Polko made finishing touches before setting with Oribe Dry Texturing Spray

Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

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