Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Cartier: La Panthère Eau de parfum légère

I have a history with Cartier and their fragrances and just seeing the beautifully crafted bottles get me excited. I look at them as works of art and find their scents to be timeless treasures. They never grow old for me...Cartier de Must has been a family favorite for many years.

As a sculptor, I especially enjoyed this new fragrance's packaging. The bottle captures the spirit of what lies inside and I found myself staring at the iconic symbol of Cartier, the panther.

A panther in profile, the iconic form captured line by line, carved into the glass of this faceted bottle that glimmers with light. The feline’s sunny, magnetic soul is revealed. A bottle carved from the outside, sculpted with right angles: a square jaw, a bevelled eye... an essential design for a panther exposed to the soft rays of the sun, whose sillage reverberates with sensual golden reflections.

This sweet Tahitian vanilla essence is the botanical cousin of the green and fruity gardenia peppered with chypre nuances from the original accord of the La Panthère perfume, whose musky sweetness it enfolds in its embrace.

They fuse together; silky, luminous petals, whose magnetic radiance illuminates the sun-kissed feline nature of the La Panthère Eau de parfum légère.

The poetic story behind how the fragrance came to life...

A radiant version of the original feline floral accord whose bottle, like a precious gemstone, crystallises grace and radiance. The sun casts its amber rays over this radiant version of the La Panthère, the fragrance created by Mathilde Laurent.

The feline basks in it, lit up by the blonde light... A sensual sillage, an ode to lying exquisitely idle like a languid feline in the heat, bronzed with monoï and a faint hint of tiaré flower. A delicate flower whose sunny, balsamic warmth bares the unfiltered “soul of the panther” in all its feline grace and sincerity.

Available at Macy's, Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdales and Cartier Boutiques this 2.5 FL. OZ. is $ 128.00 and other sizes, as well as Sprays, are available. The scent is mezmerizing to me....floral yet powerful at the same time.

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