Friday, October 28, 2022

The Heart- Mind Box

This box was so very beautiful to receive!  It’s definitely a purposeful gift box-as The Heart Mind Box is from the Dalai Lama Center! 

The Heart-Mind Box is from the Dalai Lama Center for Teaching and Education and contracts a selection of ethically sourced products and experiences designed to nurture your Heart-Mind well-being; curated with love.

In every box there is something that will help you connect to others, something that will encourage you to take care of yourself, and a connection to the science behind well-being. I loved painting a mandala pattern on my rock, burning 20 minute intention candles and reading about the Dalai Lama, too. 

In the box is a special tea blend too from the tea garden of Assam, India. The tea is directly packaged and sent to consumers from the garden, unlike generic tea brands. Each label shares the information of the tea garden(s), region, leaf quality, and harvest date to help you further connect with others. 

This box proved to be a true connection of mind, body and spirit for me and I believe it makes a wonderful gift for anyone that believes in mindfulness! 

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