Wednesday, December 13, 2017

NEW: Blenderelle® Sponge Makeup Storage

Just in time for the holidays! This product was of complete interest to me as I always store my beautyblender's in their original packaging once cleaned and dried. The new Blenderelle® is said to solve makeup sponge storage problems, keeping blenders looking fresh, making them healthier for the skin and also said to be virtually kept cleaner for longer periods of time.

It’s case solved this week for beauty mavens fearful of breaking out after using bacteria-ridden sponges and tired of throwing away grimy makeup blenders as the game changing Blenderelle® hygienic storage solution drops two fabulous new colors.

A sell out when it first launched earlier this year, Blenderelle® is an innovative antibacterial storage solution all shaped make blenders. With beauty buffs from as far afield as the Asia, Europe and Australia snapping up the original pink and pearl designs, the elegant and practical Blenderelle® is now back, smarter and more stylish than ever with the Blenderelle® Pro in sleek black gloss and an ultra-fashionable, limited edition metallic rose gold.

Both covetable new Blenderelle® colors provide the best possible protection for any makeup blender. Just as no two glam goddesses are created equal, Blenderelle® knows that everyone has their own personal preferred style of makeup sponge – both the black gloss and metallic rose gold Blenderelle® are designed to hold all popular shapes and sizes, perfectly.

While many crave the flawless finish, a dirty damp makeup blender is a breeding ground for contamination and bacteria which can clog pores and irritate skin. The new Blenderelle® designs pack powerful protection into their elegant form and include EPA registered antimicrobial. This reduces the risk of cross-contamination and controls odor-causing bacteria. The elegant tulip shape incorporates vents in three area (at the top, middle and base) allowing air to circulate and the sponge to dry while stored.

With a twist opening mechanism, level feet to double up as a storage stand, clutch-bag friendly sizing and the choice of glossy black or metallic rose gold, the new look Blenderelle® is perfect for anyone who wants to blend, defend and go.

Sam Palmer, CEO and founder of Blenderelle® said, “We are beyond excited to launch the latest Blenderelle® colors! The original two options sold out so much quicker than we had anticipated but since then, we have been working on our two stunning new colors. We’ve listened to our customers and thanks to their feedback, came up with glossy black and the limited edition rose gold, which is already a massive hit. I set out to create Blenderelle® in 2015 and after launching, earlier this year, I quickly realized the extent of the frustration from other makeup sponge users and the desperate need for a case. The journey so far has been very exciting and rewarding to realize we really are solving the worlds dirty sponge problems! . We wanted to ensure we nailed the new colors and make them our best yet - and we are confident we have! They have arrived just in time for the holidays and make the perfect stocking stuffer.”

Blenderelle® Pro in sleek black gloss and the limited edition metallic rose gold are priced at $16, with free shipping and are shipped in beautiful packaging ready for gifting or glamming.

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NYC Designed is a leading provider of innovative cosmetic tools and storage solutions. The company’s mission is to provide beauty enthusiasts with premium quality products. Its Blender Bud™, Blenderelle®, and Nail Caddy™ make life easier when it comes to the daily makeup routine.

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