Wednesday, August 17, 2016

LumaRx: At Home Hair Removal Devices

I introduce you to LumaRx, the IPL hair removal device that offers up to 94% hair reduction in just 3 treatments. LumaRx is the perfect product to prep for the last few summer weekends – getting closer to the final time that many will get to sport a swimsuit before next summer.

LumaRx Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) At-Home Hair Removal Devices

LumaRx at-home IPL hair removal devices deliver professional-quality results through technology created by leading dermatologist, cosmetic surgeon and co-founder, Jeffrey S. Dover, MD, FRCPC. Dover created the devices to meet specifications, features and treatment parameters similar to clinical, in-office machines. Today, LumaRx is one of few select global brands to receive FDA clearance to market hair removal devices to U.S. consumers.

The devices use IPL technology to emit light energy, which penetrates deep into the skin to reach the hair root. The heat stuns active hair follicles, breaking the growth cycle and preventing future growth. As a result, hair typically begins to fall out within 7-10 days. This ability to reach the root, combined with a powerful energy level spread across a long pulse length, makes LumaRx one of the most effective at-home devices. In a series of clinical results, LumaRx users experienced up to 94% hair reduction after just three uses – double that of its leading competitor.

LumaRx offers two long-lasting hair removal devices:

· Full Body Hair Removal System ($449):Ideal for larger areas of use, more intensive treatments, and power users who require the highest number of flashes available. Two interchangeable caps are provided for use on the face and the body. The Full-Body System offers the most thorough, professional-quality and longest lasting results possible.

· Mini Hair Removal Device ($379): Ideal for more precise targeted areas that are typically smaller or have greater contour. Ideal areas include the female face, underarm and bikini line. The Mini is best used for touch-ups after using the Full Body Hair Removal System or undergoing professional treatment.

Price & Availability: $379-$449 at, Nordstrom &, QVC and select luxury spas nationwide

LumaRx App: The LumaRx app allows users to maximize their results by tracking when a specific body part has been treated and set reminders for future treatments. Download app here.

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