Monday, March 23, 2015

Where Beauty and Art Meet: My View

For those of you who know me well, you already know that I am a Graffiti Hunter, Beauty and Marketing Expert and overall lover of opening my eyes to my surroundings. I find beauty in all I see and my goal is to help shift is all to do the same. Once you find snd recognize the beauty, even in tragedy, we can often find some sort of joy.

I have wanted to have a nail art collection of street artists as well as iconic artists from the past for years and also want to be a connection for the beauty and art world I am part of. Imagine if my street artists, muralists, graffiti artists got a hold of a beauty line and designed the packaging?! I loved when Curtis Kulig and Smashbox Cosmetics collaborated or when Francois Nars collaborated with The Andy Warhol Foundation to create a limited edition capsule. These types of visual brilliance are the things that help me continue to write!

I love the thought that Fashion has certainly embraced the community. Just look at Donna Karan and Chanel and you will see splatter prints and colorful chunky patterns reminiscent of the street art around us. 

I have to mention that I have started painting clothing and canvases as I have been truly inspired to put my BFA to good use. 

Had to share what I see as the next organic collective- when street art meets beauty...

Above are artists such as XO, RS, Nathalia Edenmont, Cernesto, Eelco Virus, Uncutt Art, John Paul O'Grodnick, Betten, Justin Bua, Colossal Media ( handpainted advertisements) showing the Coach x Gary Baseman collaboration, a new collection launched called Colour Prevails that's packaging is all based on butterfly wings, mine are the fashion splatter collages as well as the hand painted coats. Stella Tennant is shown in the newest Chanel collection, too. See- it is happening! 

Other favorite artists of mine include Donald Robertson (has the most famous IG account I have seen to date), Haculla (Harif Guzman), Hektad,  Russell King, Royce Bannon, COPE (love his work), Original Sen (recently did the cover for Time Out New York as well as collaborated with Rachel Roy in the past), Indie184, ENX108, Adam Cost, HUSH, Robots Will Kill, Brandon Sines, Joseph Meloy, Anthony Lister, Ellis Gallagher, 1986 Sen, Swancoart Art, Swoon, Bradley Theodore, Kenny Scharf, Incarcerated Jerkface, Fumeroism, Tristan Eaton, Logan Hicks, Uncle Strawberry, Iena Cruz, KOBRA, Dasic Fernandez,  King Amsterdam, Social Sticker Club, David Walker, RONE, Lexibella, Danielle Mastrion, Col Walnuts, Elle, Joe Iurato, Sandra Chevrier, Gumshoe Art, Nick Walker, Little Ricky, Ron English, Appleton Pictures (raises awareness through his art for Type 1 Diabetes), there are so many to love! 

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