Saturday, December 8, 2018

Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List

I know you might be feeling stressed out right now with regards to who to get what for the holidays but we have you covered with many different gift varieties for all on your list.  We’ve compiled a list of beautiful and easy last minute gifts which will make everyone – including yourself – happy.



For your chill Sister:
She discovers all the cool brands and knows everything before anyone else.  She’s the go to for advice on everything.  You can’t fool her and you definitely can’t buy her anything that she will toss onto the back of her beauty cabinet.  Nubian Heritage is the natural answer to her bath and body needs.  The Abyssinian and Chia SeedBombs and Bar Soap are the perfect accompaniment for the season and the perfect gift for her. SRP: $4.99-$14.99

For your well preserved Aunt:
She is always perfectly dressed and not a hair out of place.  There are whispers around the dinner table questioning how she never ages.  Her skin is immaculate.  But how?  Add to her skin care arsenal with a cocktail that is better suited for her skin than on the dinner table: Lumene’s Nordic-C [Valo] Artic Berry Cocktail Brightening Hydra Oil.

For your “always trying the latest diet fad” Mom:
She is constantly watching what she eats.  She tells you how much she has lost – and gained – daily.  She loves food but also loves to be in shape.  But you see her sneaking in desserts and cheeseburgers because that’s what she loves.  And you love her.  Stuff her stocking with Zahler’s ParaGuard Softgels which is a powerful parasite cleanser to keep her system as healthy as she tries to be. 

For the Wizard of Skincare:
There are people that buy skincare because they read about it or saw a celeb using it or the packaging is pretty.  And then there are people that thoroughly research skincare making sure every ingredient is safe, every botanical is useful and every product natural, organic and vegan.  For her, there is OZNaturals.  And she will fall in love with the Vitamin C Facial Serum. 

For your often moody Cousin:
We all have one cousin in our family that displays all the feels – Grounded, Energized, Inspired, Loved, Transformed and more.  You never quite know what you’re going to get.  So how do you find the perfect gift for all of those moods?  Easy.  Lifetherapy’s Mini Collection Gift Set treats every mood of hers while pampering her. The mood you’ll always get will be gratitude. 

For your impossible to buy for Millennial:
Ah yes.  This is THE hardest gift to buy.  They know it all.  They’ve seen it all.  Heck they probably HAVE it all.  So…the one fragrance that has resonated with Millennials is Hard Candy Black and Pink Eau de Parfum and Body Mists.  They’re cool.  They smell amazing.  And they are memorable – just like the recipient. 

Feeling a little less stressed now? I do hope so and all of us a B.I.O.A. wish you a wonderful holiday season! Cheers!

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  1. I love reading this post...I am all of them in one! Lol I love beauty oils