Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Urban Decay Launches New App and Snapchat Lens (Lens for TODAY Only):Vice Lipstick

Yes, Urban Decay just launched a Vice Lipstick app through iTunes as well as a Snapchat Lens. The Snapchat Lens will be live today ONLY so have lots of fun with it!

Vice Lipstick by Urban Decay

Try on all 100 shades of Vice Lipstick – Urban Decay’s BIGGEST lipstick launch EVER. With such a massive lineup, where do you even start? The Vice Lipstick app for iPhone will help you choose your gateway shades with six indulgent finishes. Use the live mirror to try on every shade you’re into, and experiment with the ones that’ll break you out of your comfort zone. This virtual experience lets you quickly test out tons of shades without having to apply, remove and reapply over and over. Just swipe to choose the shades you dig the most – you can even create an album with your top shades and share with friends to get their input (and then return the favor and vote on your friends’ top shades). The bonus? You can shop the shades right from your iPhone. Prepare to get hooked – download the Vice Lipstick app now.

Available: Free download on the App Store through iTunes


To celebrate the launch of the 100 piece Vice lipstick collection and its expansive range of shades, Urban Decay launched a Snapchat Lens for TODAY only. Let your lips do the talking! Follow me on Snapchat at NicoleMGordon9.

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