Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Holiday Picks from OROGOLD

Holiday Gift Guides offer great suggestions for what to get that special someone, but what do you give the woman who already has everything? She may have beautiful jewels, a designer wardrobe and a luxury car, but one thing she may not have is gold, diamonds and pearls…for her skin.

This Holiday Season, take a break from the traditional gifts and dress her skin with the most precious ingredients the world has to offer. Indulgent skincare brand OROGOLD launched three ultra-luxe holiday gift sets, featuring the brand’s best-selling products formulated with 24K Gold. She may think she already has it all, but let her know that the surprises will keep coming with skincare that is fit for a queen.

OROGOLD Box Package I ($78, OrogoldCosmetics.com)

· 24K Foaming Cleanser –Refresh your skin with this unique cleansing formula. For all skin types, this foaming cleanser will remove excessive oils and impurities to enhance the natural glow of the skin.

· 24K Salt SoufflĂ© – The Salt SoufflĂ© exfoliates and refreshes skin, leaving the body with an extraordinarily soft sensation. It’s infused with rich ingredients to give your skin a glow and a silky soft finish.

· 24K Deep Day Moisturizer Cream– The delicate, yet effective 24K Deep Day Moisturizer Cream is infused with rich ingredients including gold and sunflower oil to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines.

OROGOLD Box Package II ($78, OrogoldCosmetics.com)

· 24K Milk Cleanser - Specially designed for delicate and sensitive skin, the 24K Milk Cleanser is formulated to remove impurities without irritation. This cleanser is enriched with Vitamin C & E for antioxidants, and jojoba and musk oils to leave skin feeling soft and smooth.

· 24K Deep Peeling - 24K Deep Peeling mask is infused with the finest ingredients to provide a powerful, yet gentle facial cleanse. This unique peel is specially formulated to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines and leave skin feeling refreshed, vibrant, and luminous.

· 24K Body Cream – This non-greasy moisturizer, packed with essential vitamins and oils, melts on skin contact leaving the skin feeling soft, smooth and delicately scented.

OROGOLD Box Package III ($78, OrogoldCosmetics.com)

· 24K Purifying Facial Toner -Enriched with witch hazel and chamomile, both known for their soothing, calming and hydrating properties, the 24K Purifying Facial Toner wipes away any traces of dirt from the skin in preparation for hydration.

· 24K Deep Renewal Night Cream –Formulated with vitamin E, gold, and sunflower seed oil, this light-weight formula helps nourish skin while you rest so you can wake up to a softer, more radiant complexion.

· 24K Golden Body Butter - This magnificent blend of 24 karat gold and shea butter helps reduce signs of aging while adding deep moisture and protection to the skin.


  1. Why can I be rich, lol I love skincare products but some are so expensive. These Orogold products sound amazing, how did u like them?

  2. So hydrating and their powerful ingredients help the skin to glow- naturally! xo

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