Thursday, February 18, 2016

Old Hollywood Glamour: Krigler

Award season never seems to end – yet glamour is timeless. For the Oscar’s, the secret to getting that old Hollywood glamour is only one spray away. What’s the secret?

Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn and Marlene Dietrich all wore Krigler and it’s no coincidence that they were all quite enchanting. Below are the 3 Krigler scents worn by these iconic women in film.

1. The Forever Classic:

Grace Kelly & Chateau Krigler 12

Kelly wore the lily of the valley, mimosa, white musc and rosescent the night she won her Oscar for The Country Girl, citing the perfume as her lucky charm. A forever fragrance perfectly paired with a forever classic woman.

Grace Kelly by Andy Warhol. 

2. The Fresh and Elegant:

Audrey Hepburn & English Promenade 19

Worn by a young Hepburn while filming We Go to Monte Carl, the scent made up of orange blossom, fresh grapefruit, sweet white musk, oriental neroli and ylang ylang, is one of pure elegance which Hepburn embodies with ease.

Audrey by Tristan Eaton. 

3. The Wild and Lavish:

Marlene Dietrich & Lieber Gustav 14

More commonly noted as F. Scott Fitzgerlad’s favorite cologne this perfume made up of leather notes, black tea and lavender was also a favorite of the German-American film star. With sensual and mysterious notes it was a perfect fit for Dietrich who was known for her unending string of affairs, as well as defying conventional gender norms.

 Artwork by Claus Costa.

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