Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Daily Love Cards: Literally!

Something totally different from Olivine and I am in LOVE already!

Today, Olivine launched Daily Love Cards- a BEAUTIFUL oracle deck for a daily dose of inspiration, self-love, and magic.  There are 34 cards in all + a guide to interpret the cards, all packaged in a organic canvas bag ($44.00).

They work a bit like tarot cards. Each card features a guide to how to read them. 

 For example:


When asked, “What is it that you want?” do you become shy and push down your first impulse response? Well, don’t.

This time, ask yourself: “What do I truly desire?” and let the responses roll forth, uncensored and wild. 

Some may feel a little surprising, but many are very likely the exact things you’ve been longing for.

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