Sunday, September 23, 2018

Fashion x Function: Blazon Hairbrush Collection

Blazon, you have my attention and I love your line of fashionable and functional hair brushes! These are the type of brushes you want to put on display rather than throwing them under the sink. They are packaged beautifully well and their unique look allows them to stand out from the other brushes you may already own. I applaud the company for producing such a creative product.

Blazon’s debut hairbrush collection will make you want to showcase your hairbrush for everyone to see- on your vanity, in your back pocket, on your desk, the possibilities are endless.

The Diamond Bezel Hairbrush Collection features emblematic designs that make a statement with graphic patterns embedded into the brush uppers. The patent-pending hexagon bristle array provides increased brushing coverage, making the hairbrush ideal for diverse hair textures.

With care and aesthetic at the forefront of each design, the Blazon hairbrush comes with a matching traveling case and stand. Each collection is limited edition with Blazon offerings being introduced every 3-4 months.

The entire kit (brush, stand and case) retails for $60 however there is an option to purchase just the hairbrush for $40.

Blazon is bridging the gap between functional, stylish accessories and street culture.

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