Thursday, February 23, 2017

Say Goodbye to Stress with Elemis

I use Elemis products both in the AM and PM and people always ask me about my skin regimen as they say my skin looks radiant. I firmly believe that taking great care of your skin is a MUST and with Elemis products, I am always happy with the results.

So if you had had a stressful week like I did, take note of these wonderful tips from Elemis. 

Unwind in an instant with ELEMIS! Check out these simple exercises from Annet King, ELEMIS VP of Global Education for the perfect desk de-stress.

Find Your Deskside Zen with ELEMIS

- Tip #1: Temple Tune-Up 

In a moment of high-stress or need of a mid-day pick up, dab on the ELEMIS Quiet Mind Temple Balm ($30,, a desktop staple! Place your middle finger in the small depression between your hairline and end of your eyebrows and slowly circle or press 3-6 times without lifting off the skin to alleviate headaches and provide you some tranquility.

Additional Tip: Clasp and lace fingers together, guide your thumbs to the small indentation under your brow bone and press down and release while slowly breathing to relieve headaches and sinus pressure.

- Tip #2: Screen (un)Strain

Steer away from the screen, using your ring finger, tap on the ELEMIS Pro-Radiance Illuminating Eye Balm ($57, over your makeup to brighten and refresh tired eyes. Relieve foggy vision and dry, burning eyes by pressing your middle or index finger on your eye socket bone (located under the eye, on top of the cheek bone) to improve eyesight and clarity.

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  1. Oh I definitely need these products.. Too much stress