Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Review: INSTAPLUMPER from Violent Lips

This tingled like crazy in the very beginning of application, but it certainly works! I had to get used to the feeling for a good 15 minutes, but after that....all good! Note that I get lip filler twice a year and it still made my lips more full. I loved the results!

InstaPlumper is a natural lip enhancing application that is more intense than lip enhancer glosses, yet less painful (for your wallet & lips) than lip injections. Each pack contains 8 applications.

Made with 6 natural ingredients to deliver the ultimate plumping power (cinnamon oil, capsicum oil, sunflower oil, peppermint, black pepper oil, and coffee bean oil), InstaPlumper lasts up to 8 hours and will leave you with lips that rival the look of professional injections.

For best results, use InstaPlumper multiple days in a row. The longer InstaPlumper is left on, the more luscious, full, and perfectly plumped your lips will be. The product can simply be removed with a makeup remover wipe or baby oil.

 Find it on for $18.

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