Monday, August 29, 2016

MTV VMA's: Hailey Baldwin's Textured Lob and HONEST BEAUTY

We had a blast in this house watching the VMA's last night. So many great looks and performances. Hailey Baldwin is such a hottie! Below is how to get her textured lob using Honest Beauty products:

WHO: Hailey Baldwin


HAIR BY: Jennifer Yepez, Honest Beauty Brand Ambassador

TIPS/TECHNIQUE: To create Hailey’s sexy, textured lob, prep hair with the Honestly Protected Heat Defense Spray followed by the Honestly Uplifted Volumizing Spray from root to end. Start at the nape of your hair and blow dry upwards to create volume using a medium size round brush. Divide bottom layer into clean sections and tease at the root, fastening the the teased hair with bobby pins at the top, leaving out the ends to create your desired length. 

Make sure that the top layer covers the hair that’s pinned up. Using a 1.5” curling iron, take medium size sections and start to bend hair 1” away from the roots, alternating directions.

To complete the look, mist and massage the Honestly Effortless Sea Salt Spray into roots and finish by lightly spraying all over until you get the perfect texture.


HonestlyProtectedHeat Defense Spray ($24)

Honestly UpliftedVolumizing Spray ($24)

Honestly Effortless Sea Salt Spray ($18)


JUMPSUIT: Georges Chakra

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