Wednesday, August 3, 2016

August 15, 2016: National Relaxation Day

This year has been an extremely rough one for me and I appreciate all of the relation I can get! August 15th marks National Relaxation Day, so it's an excuse for us all to take a me day and focus on ourselves! With these picks, you're ensured to kick back, relax and feel revived in no time.

Treat yourself to a spa night at home with the KORRES Wild Rose Vitamin C Petal Peel. Peel, heal, and reveal brighter, petal-soft skin—naturally. A powerful natural alternative to chemical peels, this advanced vitamin C brightening system supports natural cell renewal, helps smooth the appearance of fine lines and discolorations, and gives skin an instant boost of radiance ($64;

Scrub off the stress with the Lavanila Laboratories Healthy Vanilla Bean Cream Body Scrub. Blended with whipped shea butter and five nourishing essential oils, it whisks away dead skin cells—revealing soft, hydrated and, glowing skin ($40;

Don’t waste all of your energy on drying your hair when you can use DreamDry’s Dream Turban™, and cut drying time in half. Made from an incredibly plush, extra-absorbent fabric, the Dream Turban™ gets the job done, leaving your hair healthy and shiny ($30;

Kick up your heels and let your feet relax thanks to the PediSpa Intensive Moisturizing Foot Mask! These treatment filled wearable socks noticeably smooth, soften and repair dry creaked, calloused feet and heels. With ingredients like Shea butter, apple extract and peppermint, this foot mask significantly improves the look and feel of even the driest feet. ($9.99 for two complete pairs; Exclusively at Target Stores in the Foot Care Aisle and

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