Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Introducing: Skin Inc.

Allow me to introduce you to Skin Inc, an innovative serum-based Japanese skincare brand of potent formulas that target specific skin concerns for instant, visible results without the fuss.

Each serum is silicon-free and made with Glycerin and Aloe Humectant which are very smooth on the skin. All of the little capsules in each bottle are actually the active ingredients encapsulated in seaweed! You can find a cheat sheet about the nine different serums HERE. $45 each or 3 for $90. When you take the skin test, it recommends three serums that you then blend together in a larger glass bottle, with 84 possible combinations to truly customize your skincare.

Other Skin Inc products include the revolutionary non-abrasive Pure Revival Peel which gently removes dead skin cells to restore skin’s natural radiance, a sulfate-free foaming cleanser, and the Pure Deep Sea Hydrating Mask which is a gel you can either sleep in or rinse off that hydrates, clarifies, and visibly brightens skin in one simple step.

Feel free to take the Skin Identity Quiz to see which serums are recommended for you. Skin Inc is sold exclusively on their own site and at Sephora.

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