Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Holiday Gifts: Bond No. 9

Inspired by the tales of the 1,001 Nights, Bond No. 9 has created a collection of mesmerizing and scintillating gifts that evoke the opulence and magic of fantasy Arabia.

The 1,001 Nights Solo Superstar

A bedazzling mix of Swarovski Fancy Stones and cabochons grace the Bond No. 9 classic superstar bottle, containing 100ml of, our newest addition, B9. $1,000

Magic in a Jewel Box

Swathed in aubergine velvet and displaying the finely etched Bond No. 9 gold token plaque front-and-center, this generously sized chest has its ample interior fitted with a trio of 100ml bottles decked in Swarovski Fancy Stones. The scents are two of our beloved longtime bestsellers with our most recent addition to the Bond No. 9 collection: B9, The Scent of Peace, and Bond No. 9 Perfume. $2,500

The Limited-Edition Two-Tier Coffret

Mysteriously deep as an Ali Baba treasure, our velvet-sheathed, double-decker jewel box has become a Bond No. 9 Holiday favorite. This year, we’ve done it in rich, regal, powerful, aubergine, and adorned the lid with our delicately etched golden token plaque. Occupying the top shelf is a 50ml bottle of B9, ornamented with its raised golden token-plaque. On the lower level are two 5ml Swarovski cabochon-covered flacons—perfect for handbag or travel. One flacon, in shimmering aquamarine, contains our zesty Queens; the other, covered with light amethyst stones, is filled with Park Avenue South. $490

Magic in a Mini Jewel Box

This petite rendition of our Magic in a Jewel Box, also covered in aubergine velvet inside and out, and displaying our token-plaque, features a 5ml threesome, each flacon covered with glittering Swarovski cabochons. The contents? B9 (ruby-toned gemstones), Queens (aquamarine gemstones), and Park Avenue South (light amethyst toned gemstones). $375

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