Monday, November 25, 2019

Exciting New Products from Everydaze

I have been having a wonderful experience testing these products as the brand was new to me. I had mentioned in a previous article that I had not been keeping my skin in the best condition even with all of the wonderful products I have at my fingertips.

Eye patches and now an edible beauty product have given me not only results- the Essential C's Konjac Jelly Peach has been curbing my nighttime binge eating! Less puffy eyes are a huge delight to see for me personally as I often do not get the sleep I need.

I am excited to introduce you to brand new Konjac Jelly from Everydaze. Everydaze is the maker of easy beauty/wellness products for women on the go. The brand recently launched its newest product, an innovative jelly packed with essential vitamins and nutrients you can swap out for sugary snacks.

Essential C’s Konjac Jelly Peach – Remember to eat your beauty! Give your skin health a boost with collagen and vitamin C as you make this squeeze pouch a low calorie, healthy substitute for your sugary snack cravings. The Asian plant-derived Konjac is widely known to aid in weight management and improving cholesterol levels & digestive system. Only 10 calories per pack!

 This morning my eyes definitely look less puffy. I did get some sleep this weekend (I am suddenly an insomniac) yet they are certainly less dark and puffy. I used both eye patches over the past week.

Diamond Drop Hydrogel Eye Patch– Diamonds are forever, but your dark circles don’t have to be. This hydrogel eye patch is the “brilliant” way to illuminate the dull, sluggish skin under your eyes with brightening diamond powder, de-puffing caffeine and regenerating galactomyces ingredients. Achieve opulent under eyes that gleam and shine in no time.

Gold Charcoal HydroGel Eye Patch– Time never stops in adding to the number of fine lines that takes away from your youth. With these age-defying hydrogel eye patches on the other hand, age feel nothing more than a number and have you seeing infinite youth. Enriched with age-rewinding gold, detoxifying charcoal powder and skin lifting adenosine, these eye patches will tighten and lift the skin for an ageless appearance.

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