Wednesday, October 16, 2019

NEW: MY21 Face Sheet Masks

Face sheet masks have been very popular for quite a long time yet their ingredients seem to be getting richer and more focused on promoting results. MY21 is the new generation K-beauty brand that just introduced four breakthrough masks with blends of more than 9 super nutrients, antioxidants and botanicals. They are easy to apply and were seen backstage at many fashion shows.

I sampled Repair Infinity, Youthful Infinity and Moisture Infinity. I must admit that I am not great at keeping up with the routine of sheet masks yet I know need to. As I am getting older, I am becoming less focused on my skin routine which is EXACTLY the opposite of what I should be doing!

After one use of their Moisture Infinity face sheet mask , my skin felt softer to the touch and appeared more radiant. I vow to take better care of my skin right now as I know it will thank me later.

Learn more about the brand at or on Instagram @my21mask

Please note that these masks work for any skin type and are dermatologist-tested. They are free of harsh chemicals, artificial fragrances and parabens. My skin is sensitive and they work for me!

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