Tuesday, January 22, 2019

NEW LAUNCH ALERT: Emilie Heathe Nail Collection

When I first received the beautifully designed sample of "The Perfect Red" nail color by Emilie Heathe, I felt as if I was holding a piece of art in my hand. Considering I am an art collector, I saw the bottle in a totally creative light. That is how Emilie Heathe sees the brand, too. Their focus is on creative design, unique formulas and luxurious recyclable packaging.

Nail color is first up for the brand and other beauty related products are coming soon. This particular capsule consists of 9 " Nail Artist" hues that are formulated with top grade, Asian inspired ingredients which are both clean and nontoxic. All polishes are available on EmilieHeathe.com at $34.00 each.

Background artwork detail by Erik Jones.

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