Saturday, July 29, 2017

National Lipstick Day: Sassy Lips

On National Lipstick Day this Saturday the 29th, why don’t you add some flowers to your pout with Sassy Lips?! These are 6 handcrafted translucent, limited edition lipsticks infused with gold flakes and a real flower.

Encapsulated within every lipstick in this collection are gold flecks and a single wild chrysanthemum flower.

While only a quarter of the blossoms—which are handpicked and trimmed—are the right size and color for the lipsticks.

That’s not all: The lipsticks turn to different shades of glossy pink and fuchsia and vary according to your body temperature.

The Make the Moment collection feels like a balm and lasts like a stain!

Jelly-like texture feels soothing and hydrating, it offers the high shine of a gloss with the comfort of a lipstick.

Gold flakes inside impart a subtle shimmer to your lips.

Shades: When The Party Gets Going (pale yellow), When Your Crush Walks In (light red), When You're Playing Hard To Get (pale blue), When Bae Looks Your Way (fuchsia), When Your Song Comes On (orange) and When The Night Is Young (violet).

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Price $25.00

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