Monday, January 2, 2017

GLH Nail Lacquer : Vegan Nail Lacquer Line to Love

Brooklyn Fashion and Beauty Entrepreneur Creates Vegan Nail Lacquer Line and I Love It!

Gina Hicks (personal friend of mine for years) of GLH Nail Lacquer, has taken a simple beauty staple like nail polish and made it body friendly and environmentally friendly – at the same time.

GLH Nail Lacquer, available in trendy, regal, and classic colors, is a vegan nail polish line that supports and maintains the health, strength, and growth of the natural nail without depending on the chemicals of acrylic tips or gel manicures. 

As a vegan lacquer, the product line appeals to the conscientious beauty consumer who is concerned with living a healthy and eco-friendly lifestyle – whilesporting a longer-lasting mani. Miss Hicks, GLH’s CBO (Chief Beauty Officer), was inspired to create the lacquer after working asa freelance nail technician at Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week and during in-store beauty events at Macy’s and Bloomingdales where she interacted with both models and the everywoman, respectively. Hicks says, “I would find myself promoting other brands of polish to women who wanted to have healthy beautiful nails. One day I realized I could help women by creating my own polish line that not only came in pretty colors, but also with long-lasting results and healthy ingredients.”

A healthy and eco-friendly alternative to the popular brands, GLH Nail Lacquers are five-free: free of nail polish toxins formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, toluene, and the allergens, camphor and formaldehyde resin. GLH Nail Lacquers are cruelty-free: not tested on animals or containing animal products.

The vegan and five free lacquer was created for the woman who cares about the world around her. The CBO maintains, “I believe everything we put in and on our bodies should be free of harmful ingredients. If we don’t see products that suit our needs, we can all play a part in creating the products that do.” Her decision to approach the line from a healthy standpoint says you can be beautiful without sacrificing your health or your beliefs.

Hicks, who cherishes family, dedicated the line to her late parents by naming two of her luxurious polishes after them. King Isaac, a shimmering royal blue exudes authority; and Queen Liz, a regal gold chrome, adds instant glam and sparkle. She has also included trendy colors like the popular Skies of Grey; Sandcastle, a warm and neutral shade that suits any season; a pretty pastel Pop of Pink for the girly girl. And then there is the classic Kiss of Red for the woman who is confident in any situation.

Miss Hicks entered the fashion world in 2011 as a freelance nail technician at the prestigious Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week. Her resume ticks off impressive names, like Calvin Klein, Tadashi Shoji, Jenny Packham Bridal, and Laquan McDonald to name a few. Her work has been seen in Obvious Magazine and on the album cover of Grammy Award recording artist Chrisette Michelle. The entrepreneur is currently in talks to create custom colors for celebrity clients. 

Just a sample of the beautiful color options...

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